CFA Program預計2024年起將有6項重大的改變

CFA Program預計2024年起將有6項重大的改變

CFA Institute於2023.03.20發佈的新聞稿,提出CFA Program預計2024年起將有6項重大的改變,此處針對新聞稿內容撰寫中文摘要,提供考生參考。

注意:以下摘要僅供參考,摘要內容若與CFA Institute解釋有異,請以CFA Institute之最終解釋為準~

Practical Skills Modules – 新增應用模組:

2024年起,Level I 及Level II考生必須完成至少一項應用模組,但不列入考試計分。

Level I: Financial Modelling, Python Programming Fundamentals

Level II: Analyst Skills, Python Programming Fundamentals, Python, Data Science and AI

Level III: 開發中,請稍候~預計2025 才上路。

Specialized Pathway – L3須設定專修領域

2025年起,Level III考生須在Portfolio Management (傳統Level III的範圍), Private Wealth, 或Private Markets

三個領域中選定一項專修領域,任何一個專修領域都可以取得正式CFA Charter。

Digital Badge

多數考生反應希望能有CFA Level I及Level II正式的證明,協助申請實習機會或者找工作時能有所幫助。CFA Institute預計推出電子Badge方案供考生使用。


考量目前多數考生準備每個Level的時間已超過原先設定之300小時,且因應第一項提到新增Practical Skill Modules的學習,因此CFA Institute宣布將部分大學部必修之基礎範圍於考試範圍中移除,但仍保留原始教材供需要的考生參考使用。

Level I 考生可加購模擬考及練習題庫

因應考生需求,自2024年起,報名Level I 的考生可以加購“CFA Program Practice Pack“,其中包含1000個練習題,及6回額外的Level I 模擬考題。(現行狀態:報名的考生可免費在考試前8週於線上學習系統取得2回的模擬考題練習)


在校生報考CFA Program已開放至畢業前兩年。(此消息已於2022年11月公告)

CFA Institute原始新聞稿連結

We are delighted to share some updates to CFA® Program that will further solidify its role as the premier investment analysis credential. Explore each of these six updates in more detail to learn what the changes mean for you or your candidates.

Practical Skills Modules

The CFA Program has been expanded to include practical, relevant skills training to provide candidates with on-the-job application of what they are learning in the curriculum.

A Practical Skills Module (PSM) uses a combination of videos, multiple-choice questions, guided practice, and case studies to develop candidates’ practical skills. In order to receive their exam result, candidates will be required to complete at least one PSM at each level. The PSM topic may be chosen after registration at any time during your exam study period and must be completed before results are released. Each PSM takes 10-15 hours to complete.

The Practical Skills Modules requirement will be added for Level I candidates beginning with the February 2024 exam and for Level II candidates in August when registration opens for May 2024. PSMs for Level III will be added for 2025 exams.

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